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locations: milwaukee + beyond

dates + time: 

in terms of time, i like to get the best possible lighting for my clients. ever heard of golden hour?  well, thats exactly what time i aim around. of course timing will change over the course of the year due to winter being so dark.

RESCHEDULING: it happens. and i'm very open to it. i would rather have you tell me that you're not liking how it looks outside than have me take photos that you're not going to love. i do not schedule rain dates, however i keep my week days open so that i can reschedule there.



I deliver all my photos through pixieset. after delivery, please make a copy of the folder to your own desktop or a safe space  asap- as mine copy may not always be around. 

once your gallery is delivered, I am not longer responsible for it's safe keeping. 

depending on the time of year, it may take longer to get galleries delivered. I appreciate your patience in advance


senior sessions held at north point light house

engagements: anywhere! 

payment is due same day, if not immediately after the session. cash is preferred, however I do accept check or Zelle.


yes, yes, i know. when people hear the word contract it is quite scary. but don't worry, i kept mine very simple + friendly. 


in any case that one may be disappointed with their photos, i will offer a guaranteed reshoot at the same location as the previous at the soonest that i am available to. however, i will not issue a refund. please contact me within 30 days of your receiving the photos if you are not in love with them.  If one is does not contact me within the 30 days, a free reshoot may not be given. 

if one misses or cancels within 24 hours of their photo session, a 50% down payment will be issued if they schedule a new photo session. 

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