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hey hey, it's me 

I've been in the photography industry since twenty sixteen and I have been madly in love with it ever since. 

im all about capturing your best side, your biggest smile and the little moments in life. 

capturing the organic moments are what fuels my fire.  the intimate moments is what I have set out to create. I love making people feel like their best selves. my job is to make you feel empowered, catching the sweet moments between you and your love or having the honor of taking the photos of your wedding day. 


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lightning round! 

i have a sweet great pyrenees mix named willa (please ask me about her), she's got a halo over her head 24/7. 

I looooove handwritten notes. 
I cannot stop buying artwork. 
I love cool weather over warm.

every song by gregory alan isakov, ray lamontange and watchhouse have written are on constant repeat in my brain. im a sucker for PBR, 2000's 50 cent songs and anything involving bread. 

my favorite sweater is one i thrifted from the men's section at st. vinny's and i swear wore it for a week straight.

my favorite drink is a caramel, honey latte with oat milk. but if i dont want to be buzzin' around, iced peach tea is my soul in liquid form. 

my favorite people are my parents, and there is a really big chance that i will take a bathroom selfie at your wedding.

the furtherest i have gone to capture weddings is sint. maarten and portland, or.  

if you have hot dogs at your wedding, it shoots up to my top ten list

in my free time, you can find me ditchin' mke to head up to my family cabin on lake superior. SO say hey, slide into my email + lets create something real good :)

please enjoy these personality pics :)

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